So Zant has a crush on Ghirahim and he doesn’t know what to do with all the happy feels in his heart cause he’s an awkward little tater tot with no social skills and a cat face.  So he decides to profess his love in poem form, Ghirahim wakes up one day to a letter with this on it;

leg so hot

hot hot leg

leg so hot u fry an eg





step one: don’t be a dick


step two: failed step one


My favorite part of Phantom Blood is that Dio is such a spiteful little shit that he becomes a vampire just to one-up JoJo. It’s not that he even wants to be a vampire. He’s not an evil mastermind, he’s just a dick. That is hilarious to me.



ok but what if ghirahim goes around calling zant “my twili.” speaking about him like he’s some kind of precious possession. and the first time he accidentally says it in front of zant, he has to deal with blushing and happy grinning as a response, and zant starts calling ghirahim /his/ demon, too. What a couple of nerds

oh no this is so so cute help